About The Artist

I have a compulsion to paint, or draw, or paste, or form, or combine, or twist, or scratch, or scrape, stamp, or glue...or more, if I discover how. It is a calling that, through the family-raising years and working with children and adults for an income, had me making assemblages of leftover kit supplies, broken toy parts, rusted tools, crayons, tea-stained papers, torn delivery bags, found objects, architectural samples....

With no formal art training, I continuously “reinvent the wheel,” contrive combinations, discover how and what might work together.

Now I practice; I learn; I live and breathe images. I make altered books, paper sculptures, collages, mixed media, canvasses. I cover myself with pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics. I must work hard; though well into my ninth decade, I am still a young painter and feel the need to make up
for all the years I spent doing other necessary things.

I've exhibited in juried shows such as at the Putnam Arts Council in Mahopac NY, in Garrison NY and in Peekskill NY. But the real joy I get from art comes from the creating and the learning.